WordCamp was AMAZING!

I went to WordCamp.  It was so worth it.  I knew I was excited about it for a reason.  This entire weekend was amazing despite a couple of hiccups. Right now, it is 6:48 pm on St Patrick’s day 2013.  I’m reclining and reflecting on all that has happened this past week.  All I can say is, Praise God.  Everything that could go wrong actually did but because the Mr. & I are practicing obedience it was all worked out for us.  Beginning Monday my car wouldn’t start on my way to work.  Lucky for me the Mr. was still home.  He gave me a jump and told me not to make any stops on the way to work.  Miracle of miracles the car started at the end of the day and every day after that….until today.  SMH.  But that is ok.  In the midst of it all the car took me to work every day, to WordCamp each day, and 40 miles south round trip.  It picked today, after church to give us problems.  It was the battery.  The battery was still under warranty.  So, we got a new one, FREE!  And the gentleman that helped us actually installed it for us.  Praise God!

Now!  Let’s talk about Wordcamp 2013.  Not only did I get a really cool t-shirt I received confirmation that I am on the right track.  I also received some actionable information to help me take the next steps.  Even better is when I go to the next set of meetups I will know what questions to ask since I will already have taken a stab at completing my action items.  Ok.  In my excitement I’m getting ahead of myself.  The event was well organized into tracts that included beginners, end user content, designer, and development.  The workshop sessions were organized in such a way that you could pick and choose which sessions to attend to meet your personal needs.  There were a couple of schedule changes during the event but I felt the organizers did what they could to ensure each topic was covered adequately.  Also, the presentations were timed so there was in each hour plenty of time for you to visit the Happiness Bar for assistance with your WordPress sites.   Everyone was so helpful and generous with their knowledge and their story.   It was amazing and relaxing at the same time.  I met quite a few people…some traveled from out of town to be there.  I felt really connected.  I was happy to have this blog up and running because it gave me a frame of reference for the discussions taking place around me.

The price of admission also covered an AMAZING gourmet lunch and an adequate continental breakfast each day.  Parking was convenient although a bit more expensive than I expected for the first day.  Parking was free the second day.  To their credit though I may have parked in the wrong deck the first day but it was the deck adjacent to the conference center so I felt comfortable parking there.  Comfort level is definitely important when using an inner city parking deck, lol.

All in all I left Wordcamp looking forward to the next one.  As I begin to implement the changes into my blogs I’ll add commentary here.  I actually sat in on sessions facilitated by bloggers I’ve been following which was also, AMAZING!  I can’t wait to interact with them again and implement the techniques.  I’ve even reserved a spot at my next meetup with my local WordPress group.  I expect to have something to share with the group by then.



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