Wk3 Web Dev Blueprint – I Did It!

By a hook and a crook, I made it happen. I completed both projects and uploaded them to my domain for test sites. It was a trial but I got it and I now know how to fix my own stuff. It was incredible.

This week was incredible. In all I hacked the President’s twitter feed to promote my magazine, then completed both websites and formulated a plan to create a resume site for my college aged son. Finally, I actually took the time to begin putting the marketplace on-line. It isn’t quite available yet but I’ve set up the structure and am in the process of adding products.

This has been an eventful week and I have much more to go. I’m currently working through the CSS Foundations course at Treehouse. Yes, although I’m finished with that section in Skillcrush I still have a lot left to learn about CSS. So, I’ve decided to spend the time to go through the CSS information on Treehouse. After the foundations there’s a course on CSS Layouts that I REALLY feel will benefit me.

Next week, I begin the JavaScript portion of the Web Developer Blueprint. I’m looking forward to it even though I now know less about CSS than I do JavaScript.

With all that said, I don’t know exactly what my goal is for this week other than to complete the CSS Foundation course in Treehouse and to set my store to live by the end of the week. Finally, another intention should include getting another issue of BNH ready for publication.

So much to do in a limited amount of time.

But, I’m doing the rain dance of a woman that kept a promise to herself and uploaded ‘something’. I also shared the links with AJ.

I'm a regular woman with a lot of opinions. So, here I am.

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