Where am I?

It has been a few days and I haven’t kept up with the challenge. I’m going to have to start again. I lost momentum when I became overwhelmed this past week. I started school then forgot to actually read the resources daily to help me stay on the challenge. On Thursday while with my group I was able to realize how I was able to make it through the fast. I also announced the gratitude intention and this accountability blog. I then took the time to complete my calendar. Last week I put so much on my calendar. I only completed 25 percent of the intentions I scheduled. I canceled the colonic because of work commitments. I put off schoolwork in order to attend a meetup that unfortunately didn’t do what I’d hope it would do as far as helping me make improvements to this blog. I ended up taking a day off work because I wasn’t feeling like myself. Then I didn’t purchase my ticket in enough time to participate in the Vision Board creation meetup later this evening.

In addition to all of that I had a supervisor meeting for which I had to prepare a scorecard with 13 weeks of information literally overnight. I made it through. I have one more project and 2 more days of class participation. Next week well actually this week I begin working off my calendar and to do list. There are some things I need to make happen at work. There are some things I need to make work at home. I’m still working all those things out.

Before last week a big part of my day was actually blogging about what I was experiencing. I now realize it won’t be a easy to do that now without a concerted effort. I may end up jotting things down in my personal journal then as time permits, once possibly twice a week, I can post a progress post. Not sure. Still working it out. It helps that I’m using the WordPress app on my ipad. It doesn’t do a lot for formatting but it gets the content up.

It’s 1:33 am and I have church in a few hours. I really need to go to bed.