Week 2 Web Dev Blueprint

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks now that I’ve started the Skillcrush Web Developer Blueprint. I’m fully through the HTML and CSS sections. While working through it all I’ve discovered the differences with HTML5 & CSS3. I’m excited. I’ve been playing with the challenges and finding resources to help with the display thanks to AJ. She is so much further along on this journey than I am.

I like the Skillcrush format for several reasons.

First but not to be slighted is the cost. For what I’m receiving the price is an INCREDIBLE value. I say this because I am a self taught person. I literally can and have taught myself everything. My MBA was accomplished online and having been through a traditional graduate program before that I’m glad I went the route I did with my MBA. Further, I taught myself to KNIT from reading a book. So…yeah, I’d say I’m pretty good at the self learning thing.

Second? I absolutely LOVE being online. I’m an old woman but had this internet thing been around when I was my son’s age? Things would have been VERY different for me. I literally flourish online. The Skillcrush program has these interactive sessions called Circle Chats for their students. There was one just last week.

During the Circle Chats other students in my session of the blueprint came on at the same time. And. We. Chatted. It was amazing. So many ideas being thrown around. So many resources shared. It was incredible. Introverted me was actually mistaken for a ‘social butterfly’ thanks to my ability to share the resources AJ found.

The third (and really cool) thing I got out of the Circle Chat was that I’m not alone and I have truly been learning on my own. I’m gaining more confidence during this process. I mean there’s nothing like knowing you know what you know. It was so cool speaking with so many women and men that are as passionate about learning to code as I am. It really opened my eyes to more possibilities. I’m feeling empowered.

The Skillcrush platform makes the entire blueprint available to students at the same time. Yet, the instructors continue to remind you of where you should be by sending daily emails with instructions and assignments. I’ve been making a concerted effort to not jump ahead in the training. My intention is to stick to the three month schedule. So, each day I complete the current day’s lesson then use whatever is left of my allotted time to review the resources the program provides. Additionally, I spend time on resources I’ve personally identified or resources recommended by AJ. I’m learning.

During the last circle chat, one of my fellow blueprinters admitted he was literally 5 weeks ahead. My head was swimming. In a past life, competitive me would be mainlining training videos to get ahead of that one class mate. However, grown up me, realizes this race is more of a marathon. I have to trudge along at my own pace. I learned as a soldier the pace setter CAN’T fall out. I’m a pace setter.

I’m still in the beginning stages of the Blueprint. But from what I’ve seen if this were a review…I’d recommend it.

Until next time.

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