Update for Week Ending 3/18/2013

I’m just finishing my 1st week of Corporate Finance.  So far….. I just turned in my paper for this week and I am literally exhausted.  Not from the writing of the paper but from not having gotten a good night’s sleep in a long time.  I’m not sure why but I haven’t been sleeping well.  I hope tha changes soon.  Tonight even because I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow.  I have an interview tomorrow with an officer early in the morning.  I want Colton to take me on a tour of DDTC. And I have to be back at 2pm to attend the afternoon meeting.  I was able to meet my new boss.  He seems ok.  So, we’ll just see how it all shakes out.  I’m relieved that school is coming along.  I have a lot of work to complete for next week.  I won’t start too late this time.  I may just get it started tomorrow.  I deserve that.  Right now, though?  I’m going to bed.  Deuces!

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