Update for Week Ending 2/3/2013

In my profession the week ends on Sunday.  Wow.  How ironic?  I generally consider the week to begin on Sunday.  Anyway,  It’s been what? A week?  Since I last posted.  A lot has happened.  I made it through my 2nd week of school.  Tomorrow morning starts week 3.  My first week back in school I was literally a basket case.  I was tired all the time and afraid I just might not be cut out to finish something I’ve wanted for close to 20 years. I exercised my final dance with procrastination.  It was HORRIBLE.  In the end I was certain I had not put my best foot forward so to speak.  In the end.  I passed my first paper.  I feel so much more relaxed this week.

Our bible study meeting went really well.  I was proud of what we did and how we handled it.  The house looked amazing.  At some point this week I went from being a day behind in my course work to being a day ahead.  That felt AMAZING!  Oh and last week’s colonic was extremely productive, lol.

I have quite a bit more to say but right now, I won’t say it.  It is 9pm on a Monday night and I still need to call my mom.  One of my childhood friends died last week.  She was a year older than me.  It certainly puts your mortality on blast when something like that happens.  I’m sad but I know it will be ok.  Good night.