Update for Week Ending 2/10/2013

Wow!  It has been a week.  I literally just finished week 3 of school.  I can’t believe I am half way through this semester.  I’m actually doing ok, too.  I’m not nearly as overwhelmed as I was that first week.  I’ve even been able to enjoy some things.  I’m staying faithful at work…as much as I can I’ve been controlling my words.  I’m grateful this week that God has seen fit to take the small stuff away from me.  I don’t have to feed into the negative stuff.  I can just relax and do what is mine to do.  In the irreverant words of Yolanda Adams, the battle is not mine.  It’s the Lord’s!  And I thank him for that.

I praise God for my husband.  He is such a wonderful supportive man of God.  He is a role model and an example for other men to follow and I’m proud he is the head of our home.  This week the Pastor put out some information I strongly consider confirmation.  We are the living testimony of the goodness of God.  We are the example I had when the boy and I were Hagar and Ishmeal.  The healthy family I so desperately wanted for us.  I am grateful to God that I can provide that testimony.  That is why it is so important to me to be obedient.

I went back to the gym today.  It was amazing.  I did only an upper body with 20 minutes of cardio.  I was mostly sedentary at work today.  I had a lot to get done.  Tomorrow I won’t have my help so I anticipate walking around much more.  I anticipate being sore in a day or so.  I worked shoulders and arms exclusively.  Wednesday I will work legs and Friday I will work chest and back.  On Saturday I’ll try hot yoga.  It was a good week.

Tomorrow begins week 4 and it’s Mardi Gras!