This Year’s Challenge Started November 1

The challenge seems to be totally different this year. It began on November 1st and I’m already overwhelmed. There is a ton of content to go through from the videos much less the implementation. I’m not really sure how to make that happen in only 30 minutes per day. It seems to me I’ll need longer because I have to watch the videos in order to take 30 minutes to implement the lessons. SMH.

It was a crazy weekend for me. I spent it out of town with the intention of helping my husband’s mother move to another state. So, I sort of missed the opening webinar for this year’s challenge. By the time I sat down to watch it I realized I’d missed the majority of it. Plus, the rest of the information was not put online until a day later. As much as I want to put my head in the game I’m not there yet.

I tried watching the replay of the webinar later the next day but I fell asleep. I was tired from the day’s activity and emotion. After fighting through the webinar replay I took a look at the Module 1 information and got overwhelmed. It turns out that portions of the webinar are also dispersed as segments of the week one content. Needless to say, I just couldn’t. I left it alone.

I got home yesterday and decided to begin watching the videos in order to take action. We’ll see. I’m taking a day or so to get back into my routine here at home then I will dive deep into the challenge.

Last year a good 3 weeks into the Challenge I began the Digital Publishing Blueprint with a goal of getting my first magazine published within the six weeks Ed Dale promised it could happen. I eventually dropped the implementation of the challenge with the intention of returning to it after I completed or at least submitted my app to Apple for approval. The product was a graphic book. I still have the information. I may complete it one day. But not before this challenge ends.

Turns out this year exactly 2 days after the Challenge began I started a Web Developer Blueprint. That is literally taking priority for me. I’m hoping to apply that same 30 minutes a day EVERYDAY approach to that blueprint. We’ll see what happens.

In any case, this, my accountability blog, is where I’ll record my progress and observations.

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