Really Feeling Remote Desktop | ChromeBook – Not So Much.

I’m loving this remote desktop feature. I’ve been working on my skills today. I started the day by just taking a random look at Balsamiq. I don’t know why but once I got there I was hooked. I completed two tutorials. One short one on web page design then a longer tutorial on mobile app design. It is specifically about the user experience and completing a wireframe. Afterward, comes the coding part. I was so excited. I can think of at least three projects including my portfolio that must get done.

This afternoon I spend quite a bit of time going over Git and GitHub. Well an hour. It just seemed longer. I’m excited for real. After I get off the throne I’m going to break down and apply to those jobs I told the Mr. I’d apply to. Then I’m taking a really good look at 60 minutes on the Complete Web Developer course on Udemy. That one also helps you take the next step. I mean it this time. No more crapping around. I’m certainly going to get my act very much together.

I went to Best Buy to check out the Chrome books today. I had some questions and while the gentleman who helped me was no idiot he didn’t seem too confident about his answers either. So, I just walked away. I was considering getting the 11” HP Chrome Book because it has the 4G capability. Then I though heck I can just use my hot spot. I don’t need to add another line to my already exorbitant bill. Then I looked at the MAC Air again. It is really lightweight as well. Plus it is coming down in price now that they’re getting ready to announce the new ones this month. So, I’m thinking of just chilling and going with what I have for now. I was thinking anyone who hires me will supply me with a computer anyway, right? So I might as well get what I want. The cute new technology. Besides I do have a really large external hard drive. and I certainly can learn to use all the cloud based services out there. Or access my desktop remotely. Whatever it takes. I’d like to lock this at the same time though. I don’t know.

Time to get back into it. Yep, yep!

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