Daniel Fast – Day 17

Wow! I’ve got 4 days left.  Sometimes I can’t believe I’m this close or that I’ve come this far.  I’m happy I remained true to the reason for this fast.  It is a very stressful time for me.  Or at least it could be.  I’ve chosen not to participate in the stress of it all.  I’ve decided simply to do my job.  I mean really.  Just do my job at work.  I’m happy about the way our life is evolving right now.  We had a discipleship group meeting last night.  When it was over the Mr. and I sat around in the living room rejoicing in how God has brought our family in communication with other families like ours.  We’re in different life stages agewise but we have overlapping testimonies.  We each have something to contribute to one another and I’m happy God saw fit to bring us together.  We are SUPER excited!  Super.  My precious niece is in college.  She says ‘super’.  One day we picked her up at the dorm and asked if she’d eaten.  She informed us the dining hall closed before she could get there.  She was SUPER hungry.   The Mr. teases her to this day about that.  Now, I’m saying it, lol.

I’m going to spend some time in devotion.  I’m not sure why but I wanted to get the writing done first today.  I want to express gratitude.  I’ve been developing a habit during this time.  It takes 21 days to develop a habit.  The habit I wanted to develop involved writing daily for publication.  Not long ago I came across a website training program that informed if you commited to publishing 1,000 words per day you could create a successful business.  I wasn’t sure I believed that.  Then I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t believe it could be done.  I questioned whether I could commit to doing it.  Of my posts none have come close to anything like that.  But, I bet some of my work emails exceed that number, lol.  I’m known for lengthy emails.  This fast is teaching me I can finish something I start.  I can and should finish everything I start.  I just have to get focused.

Stephanie Speaks is supposed to be an accountability blog.  Or at least that is what it is today.  Later on it may evolve into something else.  But right now, I’m actively using it to keep on point with the fast.  I have some habits I’d like to acquire.  As well as some I want to shed.  There are many ways I can go with this.  I’ve got the foggy head right now.  I’mg going to move on to my devotion for now.  When I’m done I’ll see where I stand.  As of right now, my energy is up.  And the Holy Spirit is calling me to prayer.  Here I am.  Day 17.


Daniel Fast – Day 16

It’s time to make some juice. I haven’t in a couple of days so I really need to make some tonight. I’m thinking about a straight watermelon juice. A straight pineapple juice. a beets with orange and celery juice, then something green. I haven’t had green in a while. Plus my green apples are REALLY ripe. In a few minutes I’m getting up and pulling that all together. This is day 16.

It was a crazy day at work. A lot of meetings and a lot of other stuff going on. I interviewed for a job this afternoon. It is crazy but we all have to reapply for our jobs. Things are changing rapidly. I’m really excited about that. But on the other hand change is always challenging for me even when I’m expecting it. This afternoon I had a revelation about why I’d arranged things the way they were arranged this past couple of weeks. I needed someone around me I could literally trust. I mean I thought I had it all under control. It turns out I was more stressed than I thought. In the end it was like a revelation. I needed someone near me I could trust. And this is what it is about. Someone who had my back. I’m not in that space right now. Not anymore. Another thing that was sort of a confirmation for me. That I’m going in the right direction….the enemy was attacking me. Covertly. I knew it. I recognized it. And try as I might I actually was able to remove myself from the hate for a moment. I literally let God, be God. And OMG! Literally today I feel like God showed up and showed out. I am overjoyed. I’m praying that my joy is not disrespectful. My Mr. referred me to scripture to assuage my guilt. Praise God!

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but for tonight I’m excited. My energy level was good today. I’m going to drink some juice and take some digestive enzymes and a couple of cascara segrada capsules. Tomorrow I will drink some beet juice. The plan is to move something. After my fast I’m considering the lemonade cleanse and hot yoga for a few days. Just to see how it all pans out. I’ll see how the end is going to be. For now, Day 16 is done. 5 more days.

10:34 pm. Update! I made some amazing juices tonight. No vegetable because I was too tired to clean the juicer twice. I had enough steam to juice a pineapple (my first) and 1/2 of a good size watermelon. I threw in some other tropical and not so tropical fruit then my son and I had an evening of non alcoholic cocktails. It was amazing. Looking forward to doing that again.

Daniel Fast – Day 15

9:43 pm. Another day down. After an eventful day at work I had the 2nd of 6 colonic experiences. I’ve been juicing and drinking water and carefully observing the fast. Yet, the session wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped it would be. But, I have been under a certain amount of stress this past few days. Just a bit annoyed and disappointed. I’m feeling like I’ve been given a challenge and I really have to do my best to complete it. I guess my concern is the follow through. I haven’t always done that in the past. I’m happy to say I’m doing it now. I will continue to do it.

After the colonic I decided to go home instead of going back to work. I’d already completed an 8 hour day. There is plenty left to do tomorrow so I will do it then. When I got home I meditated a bit and read my bible. I just relaxed. I also began some of the reading for my next course. The class starts on Tuesday of next week. My small group will meet via conference call tomorrow evening. That is a relief. I’d already decided I’d need to make some phone calls when I got home so I was pleasantly surprised to find an entire email conversation took place while I was away from my ipad.

As far as my energy level I was quite energized today up until the colonic. At that point I had to come home to rest. The Mr. got home about an hour later and we spent a good part of the evening just chatting and enjoying each others company. Six days to go. Day 15 is done.

Daniel Fast – Day 14

9:18 pm. I’m hanging in there. I realized sometime today that I must refocus. This is normally the time in my journey when I begin to falter and convince myself I don’t really want what I’m striving for. How I figured that out I’m not sure but I know it is true about me. In fact the realization just hit me. Earlier today I saw all the things I wouldn’t mind eating. Most of this past 2 weeks it didn’t really bother me to see different types of foods. The smells haven’t gotten to me or anything. Then for some reason the stress of the day made me want to drink some soda or eat a piece of meat. Not in an obsessive way mind you but just a sort of I can fall off the wagon just long enough to consume this one thing…..then I’ll get right back on. Lucky for me I couldn’t go through with it. I just kept thinking this isn’t even about me. See, I break promises to myself ALL THE TIME! This is about my obedience to God. That is a promise I can’t break. Not this time.

So, I get home and after a snack that sort of became dinner I checked my progress on operation finish my degree. Turns out they’ve already posted the materials for my next class. I thought it would be Corporate Finance but it turns out it is Marketing. I’ve got my work cut out for me. I intend to remain focused and to take the time to do what I have to do to be successful these next 22 weeks. It is time I finish what I’ve started. One project at a time.

My energy today was great. Although my body betrayed me during a meeting. So, I’m sitting in the conference room next to my client, the Director of Operations. We’re sitting there and my stomach starts growling…LITERALLY. I looked down at my stomach wondering if anyone else can hear it. Then I look up as it grumbles again and the client is looking at me. I must have had this look as if to say, ” Can you hear that, too?” because he starts laughing and asks, “Are you alright?” All I could do was laugh. My stomach wasn’t hurting. I didn’t need to use the restroom. I wasn’t hungry. And, I didn’t have gas. Yet it was gurgling and growling as if I hadn’t eaten in forever. I was so embarrassed. I was really glad the people on the other side of the table didn’t hear it. I would have really been teased then. Anyway, Day 14 is done.

Daniel Fast – Day 13

9:23 pm. Today’s service was AMAZING. The pastor was back from his trip. He along with 2 of the ministers explained what Jesus meant when he spoke of the feasting on the word of God. I was an eye opener and it felt good to finally understand. It all centered on the theme for this fast. Hunger. I’m a little foggy on it right this minute because I don’t feel I’ve had sufficient time to meditate on it. I will meditate on the main concepts this week.

Physically, I felt alright today. This morning before church we stopped to get the funds for tithe. After I realized I was hungry to the point of distraction. The Mr. pointed out I hadn’t really had much to each since the day before. I broke down and had some fruit and oatmeal from McDonalds. I asked them to hold the cream they usually make it with. It was my first time having it. It definitely hit the spot. No way around that. It also held me for a good while.

I made the Jamaican Chili this evening and 3 juice drinks. The Chili reminded me of my sacrifice. It didn’t taste so great. Something was missing. I’ll be choking it down the rest of the week though. No other options. Eight days to go.

Daniel Fast – Day 11 & 12

10 pm.  The day really got away from me yesterday. I had to make some decisions at work that were hard. I also learned some things. Mainly that I need to fall back on other resources to help make it happen. I drank the green juice I made the night before and a lot of water. It sort of jumpstarted my cleanse so the foggy brain was gone.

Today, the foggy brain is still gone. The Mr. and I attended the 2nd part of our new members class at church. The topic was spiritual maturity. I feel like I got a lot out of the class. I deeper understanding of what we need to do to fulfil God’s purpose in our life. I also got a chance to spend time with some of my small group members.  I’ve got to determine what I’m required to do and do it. I made some commitments and I aim to keep them. With that said…I’d better get on my promises before it gets any later.

I ate leftovers and drank more water today.  I also had some pistachio nuts. I did take a trip to the market to gather up a slew of fruit to make juice for my fellas as a treat for tomorrow before church.  Tomorrow’s dinner will be Jamaican Chili and Sweet Potatoe Chips.  I’ve got 9 more days on this fast.  I have to find new recipes.  One of the other things that is pretty cool about this time aside from my growing relatioship with God is my digestive system is improving.  My Mr. says I look really good.  My coworkers say I’m wasting away.  My Mr. says once I begin eating again the weight will come back.  He put it into perspective for me…if I wasn’t being true to the fast my body wouldn’t be changing.  He’s right.  Day 12 is done.

Daniel Fast – Day 10

7:47 pm. It was a good day. Actually, it was a great day. I’m still holding fast to my commitment to this fast. I actually am not craving anything in particular but I am noticing cleansing side effects. Like I have that foggy feeling I had when I had that medical scare a few months ago. I say it is a cleansing side effect because as the body rids itself of the toxic residue of past ailments you feel some of the symptoms again. It doesn’t usually last more than a few days. On day 7 in the evening I had a hip ‘thing’ that literally had me limping around the house by the end of the evening. That was gone by the next morning. Anyway, even though he is isn’t actively fasting I’m starting to see how God is working in our life together. I praise God for the gift of meditation for meditation is how we hear from God.

Today at work could have been really challenging. But, I didn’t let it get there. I leaned on God and accepted guidance. I officially made it back into school. I start 2 weeks from last Tuesday. I’ll finish by June. This evening when I got home I made juice. Lots of juice. Actually it was sort of everything but the kitchen sink night. It is time to clean out the fridge in preparation for this week’s shopping extravaganza! Some of my produce didn’t make it. Those 2 days this past week when I wasn’t up to juicing showed. I won’t do that again. Prayerfully. Otherwise I juiced and my son tasted. Some things he liked others he didn’t. He was also the official photographer.

First I juiced a mini seedless watermelon. I read it was good to help cleanse the kidneys. I also read that the entire melon could be juiced — rind and all. So I did that first. My son tasted it and immediately rejected it. I tasted it and it was a bit ‘green’ tasting but it wasn’t bad. So, to accommodate the young’un I juiced the rest of the melon without the rind. It was so sweet he had to add water to the mix even after he’d added ice.

It looked like this. The one on the left is with the rind the one on the right is without.


I on the other hand had a recipe for something called a melon ball delight I think. It also included a pear and oranges. So since I knew the young’un would never drink the one with the rind I added pears and orange juices to that one. It was delightful. As a side note my son likes the juice of each fruit separately but necessarily mixed together.

It looked like this. The one on the left is orange juice by itself. The one on the right is the melon ball delight. The color is crazy because of the green from the rind.


Finally, I emptied the crisper and made a lovely green drink with kale, cucumber, celery, zucchini, and lemon. Zucchini makes for a smooth drink. I may add vitamineral green to the mix tomorrow when I drink it at work. I actually on this one focused enough to get a before and after photo.

It looks like this – Before:


It looks like this – After:


I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t drink anything after about 6 oz of the melon ball delight. I began my evening with the black bean minestrone soup I made a couple of days ago. This weekend is Jamaican Chili and Pesto Spaghetti Squash.

Until tomorrow.

Daniel Fast – Day 9

I’m getting ready to head out to a meet-up for WordPress aficionados. I’m not one yet I don’t think. I guess I need to know exactly what the word means to tell if I am or not. Things are looking up although today was a challenging day. At work. I’m looking forward to this meet up. I suspect I’ll be able to learn from others all the things I’m not sure about when it comes to internet commerce. Or if not commerce about how to use the WordPress format to create websites.

It’s 5:56 pm and I’m starting early because when I finish this evening I know I’ll be really tired. I kept my appointment with the enrollment advisor for school and if all goes well I’ll be able to begin class on January 22, 2013. I want to surprise my Dad and finish my degree before June. I only have 3 classes left. I can make that happen. Might not finish in time to march in May but I’ll make sure to march so he can see it.

Today’s devotion spoke of not grumbling. Too bad I read it later rather than earlier. So, of course, my prayer involved a bit of repentance. I’m so glad God is not through with me yet. smh.

7:49 pm.  Wow.  I made it to the meet up.  I’m still overwhelmed.  This isn’t a beginner group.  These guys have skills.  The topic is the Best plugins for 2013.  I’ve made a list of plugins to review.  But I’m the Queen of busy work.  I think I need to really get up close and personal with creating content for the 3 other websites I’m working on.  I’m looking at my intention and why I decided to come to this meet up.  I can learn a lot.  But right now, right now.  I’m overwhelmed.  I think I will break down and stick to my initial plan. Establish the habit of posting everyday. I’ll need to find a better time of day to work.  My best hours are early morning or late evening as long as I’m rested.

Daniel Fast – Day 8

9:06 pm. It has been a day. I made it though. This evening I made a black bean minestrone soup. It was delicious. I also attended the conference call for my small group orientation. I got a lot done. Last night I didn’t feel like juicing..or at least I didn’t juice enough for today. So I figured I’d get up and make it happen. Only, this morning, I didn’t want to get up to juice. Instead I hung out a little longer then got ready for work. I had 16 oz of juice left over from the night before. Since I was too lazy to cook the night before I decided I’d take a walk to the other cafeteria for lunch. They ALWAYS have a baked sweet potato and some sort of roasted or steamed vegetable at the ready. Today I was in luck. They had both and some spaghetti squash sautéed with onion. I neglected to ask what it was sautéed in and I didn’t consider that until I was most of the way through the meal. It was good though.

I also had my first in a series of colonics. It was a closed system different from the open. I think I prefer the closed system. It just felt cleaner. Plus I could see it was effective. It helped having an experienced person in the room. I’ve decided to make this happen once a week for the remaining 5 weeks. On a Tuesday. I’ll be nice and tidy then. I’m going to juice 2 or 3 days before to help loosen up some stuff. I’m almost fully hydrated. Almost. My lips are still a little dry.

Spiritually, I’m already seeing changes in my life. Praise God. Tomorrow I find out how the changes affect me and my family. I’m Praising God for personal peace. In advance.

Daniel Fast – Day 6 & 7

Honestly I was too tired to write an update yesterday. I don’t know why I waited so long to write it but by the time I thought about it seriously all I wanted to do was sleep. It was only 9pm. It was a lazy Sunday for me anyway. After church I came home and ate the rest of the sweet potato chips I made the day before. Afterward I kicked back with a quart of lemon water and a book. Some time later in the afternoon I ran out for fruit so the boy will have something to snack on. He doesn’t return to school until Tuesday. Anyhoo, I just didn’t feel like juicing. I packed lunch after eating some dinner but decided to juice this morning. That was Day 6. I’m hanging in there.

Day 7 – I didn’t want to get up this morning so…I didn’t take any juice to work. I did squeeze some lemon and lime in a jar along with a couple of scoops of MSM. My joints are a bit achy lately. Anyway, I filled the jar with filtered water when I got to work. Lucky for me my client provides fresh fruit for snacks. Today I ate a very sweet banana and a tangerine. At some point I even had some fresh air popped popcorn without butter but oh well. I intended to spice it up with some cayenne pepper but my phone rang just as she handed me the bag and I got distracted. I was back at my desk before I realized I’d forgotten the pepper. Oh well, I’ll try that again sometime in the future. The thing is if I had some juice I would not have gotten hungry enough to eat the popcorn. I am committed to this fast though.

My attitude – the enemy of my spirit rose early today. I realized at 7am I was being tested and adjusted my attitude. But it wasn’t easy. I sort of stayed in my corner. For real.

This evening when I got home I was determined to make a vegan Jamaican chili. Only I was missing a spice. Instead I made 2 incredible juices and am calling it a night. The first juice was called Tomato Juice and it looks like this…


Before. I didn’t quite take the after picture but it looks a bit like pepto bismal, lol. It tastes like tomatoe and celery though. The 2nd juice is called Go Go juice. I didn’t take a before picture of that but the after looks like this…


It’s made with apples, celery, cucumber, ginger, and lemon. It definitely had a kick to it. But I wouldn’t say it gave me energy. Sort of the opposite happened. I felt sort of dizzy or light headed. I can’t even think of what that could be from.

On the plus side I’m almost totally hydrated. I have an appointment for my first colonic tomorrow. As long as I’m fully hydrated by next week I can begin taking the hot yoga classes I’ve been wanting to try. Looking forward to that and to this new year. There are tons of things I want to try. Most importantly I’m proud to have made it this far in the fast. Last year I attempted a juice feast and only made it to day 5. I don’t think I was as faithful during those 5 days as I should have been either. This time I’m determined. Spiritually I’m feeling a little more grounded.