It’s Been A Long Time

It has been a while since I’ve posted.  Although I’ve written quite a bit about what’s been going on.  I finished and launched my own magazine.  It’s called Beautiful Natural Hair and it’s on the Apple Newsstand.  The magazine has been live for exactly one month and today I received the first of what I hope are many financial reports.  The app made a few dollars this first month out of the box.  I had a lot of downloads too.  So, now it’s time to actually market the mag in the hopes of increasing circulation.

Oh I guess I should say the magazine is a do it yourself resource for women in the process of returning their hair from a chemically altered state to its original state.  That state could be and for African American woman usually is some form of coil, curl, or kink.  It looks like this:


 I’m really excited about sharing my passion with the world.  I’m also excited to be a resource for other women on the journey I embarked almost 20 years ago.  It is so empowering to be comfortable in the skin and hair we’ve been gifted with.  There is so much more to come even.  As an interactive magazine it is filled with video demonstrations, reviews, and tutorials.  Additionally, BNH Mag gives voice to the many women literally figuring this natural thing our for themselves.  It is always empowering to see other women explore themselves.  It is equally empowering to recognize a part of ourselves in each one of them.

BNH Mag is a community and crowd sourced in a way that allows any and everyone with a technique, tip, or general advice a venue to share that information with the rest of us.  I look forward to hearing the stories of others and sharing some truths of my own.  Reach out to me.  I’m here and I certainly care.  I can be reached via email at and via twitter @bnhmag.

Goal Review

I set some intentions at the beginning of the year. I don’t set resolutions I set intentions. I intend to do things. To actually get thing done I will at the end of the year think about what I want to be different in the new year. The one thing I don’t consistently do is periodic reviews to see where I am. As I finish a major task I generally will look to see what is next however I don’t have a set action plan or time table for completion of any particular action. Also, I sometimes get sidetracked by new unexpected projects.

Today after working on my business for as long as I could today I turned to Flipboard to take my mind off my challenges. There in black and white was a post from 2010 written by Think and Grow Chick. What did it talk about? Where she was in her intentions for the year. It got me thinking. Where am I?

Oh in 2013 I intended to:

  • To strengthen my commitment to and walk with God.
  • To reduce our debt by 20%.
  • To complete my graduate degree.
  • To improve my health by increasing my fitness level and living a  more holistic lifestyle.
  • To establish and grow an online business
  • To lead a more organized life.
  • Let’s see…

  • I can honestly say I’m feeling a little detached
  • I’ll need to take a look but I’m pretty sure our debt has increased instead of decreased now that I’ve completed my degree and the Mr has started college
  • I did complete my graduate degree
  • I haven’t actually increased my fitness level with any consistency. Nor am I living a more holistic lifestyle
  • I am in the throws of establishing an online business although it is different from the business plan I completed in business school. Just acknowledging that sort of leads me to believe I should probably take the time to write a new plan for this business. I’ve been so busy in the doing I didn’t really take the time to establish a viable plan
  • That leads the the disorganization that has become my life. There are no words to even justify what is happening. I’m working way too many hours outside of my business.
  • It is already November. At this point I can only really make the decision to develop a plan to be implemented at the beginning of the year. If I make some steps toward the intentions does that count? I’m thinking personally, it doesn’t. What I really needed to do was to be better at setting the intentions. The should be measurable and have a time limit for completion. The timeline must be concrete. Right now I can acknowledge until this moment I didn’t realize how vague the intentions were. Nothing about that list is inspiring on its own. I need to bring the passion going forward. I can do that.

    New Challenges Day 1

    It’s been a while but I’m back again. The summer is over and I really need some relief. This year is a year of completion for me but new beginnings for my family. I’m rambling. Anywayy, today is the first day of a nine day fast I’ve decided to complete. It is similar to the Daniel Fast I completed at the beginning of the year. The difference is I’m doing this one for myself. It is time to shed and repair the damage from the summer’s indulgences. I’m looking forward to the process.

    In addition to the cleansing fast I’m beginning a new fitness challenge with my Mr. It’s a 30 day full body challenge designed to get us back to where we were in motivation. We haven’t been failthful to a fitness program in a good while. These are full body bodyweight exercises. Push ups, crunches, planks, squats. Yep! we’re going back to the beginning. It gets progressively challenging as we increase the number of reps and the time to hold the exercise. By the end of the month I think the plank is held a full 5 minutes. If a person can hold the plank for 5 minutes there is no question 20 pushups should be a breeze.

    So, eating and exercise out of the way I’ve also embarked on a professional challenge. Specifically, I will be participating in The Challenge which has a goal of making your first dollar on line within 30 days. Plus I will be in a digital publishing intensive with a goal of publishing my first interactive magazine on the apple newsstand within six weeks. And the grand finale of the month? I march to receive my master’s degree in business administration. It’s going to be a heck of a month.

    So, today, I started with a mission to drink a gallon of alkaline water. It helped although I’m only half way through the gallon. I also attended church via live stream since I had work. Finally, I had a wonderful cold salad for lunch that didn’t include any of my banned substances…meat, dairy, refined sugars, starches or bread.

    I’m excited. Let’s get to work.

    I’m restless

    Literally it has been just over a week and I’m already restless. I can hardly believe it. It isn’t like I don’t deserve a six week break. It isn’t as if I have a ton of stuff that must be done right this minute. I can spare six weeks during the summer to get my head right, can’t I?

    I’m feeling strangely disconnected from everything and everyone. Spending this last six months in school became so much a part of me that now I feel like something is missing. Worst, I feel like I should hurry and put something in the now empty space. I don’t want to but I feel like I should. Maybe. Instead I’m going to force myself to breathe by remembering all the things I used to do for myself but haven’t had the time to do. Like, exercise. I haven’t been to the gym or done any physical activity since I took the one afrofit class at church. That 20 minutes almost killed me, lol. And I’m in shape. I haven’t been to the Korean sauna in more than a year. I haven’t juiced for fitness in over a year either although I keep bringing home juice ingredients. Maybe. This is a six week thing I can pull together.

    The review of my intention listed a stronger faith relationship with God! It included an increased level of fitness and the ever present desire to decrease my debt by 20% over the course of the year. Finally, I still want to launch and grow an online business. If all else fails I can always finish cleaning my house, lol….smh.

    I’m BACK!

    I’m back. I’m finished with my first intention of the year. It only took six months, lol, but I’m finished. I’m going to look back in a bit and really see what else I had planned for this year. I’m probably already working on that. Just the other day I came across a stack of intentions in the form of action plans I’d created over a year ago. I realized I was well ahead of the intentions I set back then based on the order in which I placed them. It is similar to the intentions I set way back when in my early 20’s. Similar to the experience I should say. Back then I was getting ready to move to Hawaii from Kansas with the United States Army. I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down all the things I planned to do. Back then I didn’t fully understand the concept of setting SMART goals. I was extremely vague and simply placed the goals in a hierarchy of short term, intermediate, and long term goals. I put the piece of paper away and went on to live my life. A full 8 years later I was going through some papers and found that list of goals. The amazing thing for me what I’d completed every goal on the list. I completed them within the order and the time limit I’d set.

    The lesson in that for me was the realization if I put it on paper I can make manifest of it. Since I’ve grown I also now understand the plan is everything. I don’t necessarily have a lot of time. But I have some time. I’ve already set an intention to rest for a minimum of six weeks. During my final course I created a business plan. I’ve got to admit the most difficult part of the plan’s creation was acknowledging the idea is a viable idea. It helped that I had instructor feed back that was extremely positive. A little over a year ago before I got to my current assignment I was sitting at my desk at work staring out at the landscaping when one of the executives stopped by. She was waiting for her lunch guest. I’m not sure how we got on the conversation but she asked me if I started a business what type of business would I start. I told her my idea admitting I didn’t have it totally fleshed out. I was surprised at the response she gave me. It was equally positive and she seemed surprised. Later in the conversation she admitted she would not have thought of that idea but she understood how it is needed in the marketplace. When my assignment was complete the same executive encouraged me to pursue the idea.

    Even still when I submitted the mission, vision, and values of my proposed organization to the instructor for approval the feedback was very encouraging. I was crazy busy this semester. My work schedule had changed to rotating shifts. I prayed for and received the short straw to work overnights 12 hours at a time. The blessing in all that is the shifts are only three to four days a week and the most days in a row is three. Nights are a lot less challenging than the days. I’ve had my share of the days. The others have not. They deserve a chance to deal with that. My turn on day shift begins in August. In the meanwhile, I’m going to rest. I’m going to read. I’m going to practice my hobbies. And, I’m going to take care of myself.

    Happy Resurrection Day!

    I cannot believe with all that has happened to me I have not posted any of it on this blog. I know I’ve been writing about it so I guess I must go back through my notebooks and find out where I put the information. Let’s see.

    I started my class this month. Just a few days before Word Camp 2013. I attended Word Camp! It was an AMAZING experience. I got so much out of it. Action plans and the like. Then I got right back into school. I’m in my third week of Corporate Financial Management. it isn’t an easy subject but I’m plugging away at it. In three more weeks I’ll be finished with it and heading into my final course. The moment that course is complete I plunge full on into my blogs. Right now I can barely think. I mentioned to my husband that I haven’t really been able to watch any television lately. He commented on how busy I actually am. I’d actually forgotten how busy I am.

    This week I begin the night shift rotation at work. It has been crazy at work this month getting everyone ready for the transition. I’m glad it is done. As of 7am tomorrow morning I am only the captain for 12 hours a day, three to four days a week. Until then I’m still on call 24 hours a day. Although it’s been pretty quiet lately 7am can’t get here fast enough.

    I finally tried Bikram Yoga. It was incredible. I will definitely be completing the 20 class card I purchased for myself as a Christmas present. I will be able to do that along with my regular workouts and my juice fasts/feasts. It is time to carve out my summer sexy. Otherwise known as getting back in shape. I’ll be starting my juice feast tomorrow and keeping myself accountable using this blog of course. I’m starting with a cleansing glowing skin theme on a 6 day mini fast. I’ll take a couple of weeks off between fasts as I transition to more whole foods or a cleaner diet.

    Service was great today. I really enjoy myself there. I also get a good word. Last week we made a Harlem Shake video. This week we watched it along with some other activities during service. It was pretty cool.

    Update for Week Ending 3/18/2013

    I’m just finishing my 1st week of Corporate Finance.  So far….. I just turned in my paper for this week and I am literally exhausted.  Not from the writing of the paper but from not having gotten a good night’s sleep in a long time.  I’m not sure why but I haven’t been sleeping well.  I hope tha changes soon.  Tonight even because I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow.  I have an interview tomorrow with an officer early in the morning.  I want Colton to take me on a tour of DDTC. And I have to be back at 2pm to attend the afternoon meeting.  I was able to meet my new boss.  He seems ok.  So, we’ll just see how it all shakes out.  I’m relieved that school is coming along.  I have a lot of work to complete for next week.  I won’t start too late this time.  I may just get it started tomorrow.  I deserve that.  Right now, though?  I’m going to bed.  Deuces!

    WordCamp was AMAZING!

    I went to WordCamp.  It was so worth it.  I knew I was excited about it for a reason.  This entire weekend was amazing despite a couple of hiccups. Right now, it is 6:48 pm on St Patrick’s day 2013.  I’m reclining and reflecting on all that has happened this past week.  All I can say is, Praise God.  Everything that could go wrong actually did but because the Mr. & I are practicing obedience it was all worked out for us.  Beginning Monday my car wouldn’t start on my way to work.  Lucky for me the Mr. was still home.  He gave me a jump and told me not to make any stops on the way to work.  Miracle of miracles the car started at the end of the day and every day after that….until today.  SMH.  But that is ok.  In the midst of it all the car took me to work every day, to WordCamp each day, and 40 miles south round trip.  It picked today, after church to give us problems.  It was the battery.  The battery was still under warranty.  So, we got a new one, FREE!  And the gentleman that helped us actually installed it for us.  Praise God!

    Now!  Let’s talk about Wordcamp 2013.  Not only did I get a really cool t-shirt I received confirmation that I am on the right track.  I also received some actionable information to help me take the next steps.  Even better is when I go to the next set of meetups I will know what questions to ask since I will already have taken a stab at completing my action items.  Ok.  In my excitement I’m getting ahead of myself.  The event was well organized into tracts that included beginners, end user content, designer, and development.  The workshop sessions were organized in such a way that you could pick and choose which sessions to attend to meet your personal needs.  There were a couple of schedule changes during the event but I felt the organizers did what they could to ensure each topic was covered adequately.  Also, the presentations were timed so there was in each hour plenty of time for you to visit the Happiness Bar for assistance with your WordPress sites.   Everyone was so helpful and generous with their knowledge and their story.   It was amazing and relaxing at the same time.  I met quite a few people…some traveled from out of town to be there.  I felt really connected.  I was happy to have this blog up and running because it gave me a frame of reference for the discussions taking place around me.

    The price of admission also covered an AMAZING gourmet lunch and an adequate continental breakfast each day.  Parking was convenient although a bit more expensive than I expected for the first day.  Parking was free the second day.  To their credit though I may have parked in the wrong deck the first day but it was the deck adjacent to the conference center so I felt comfortable parking there.  Comfort level is definitely important when using an inner city parking deck, lol.

    All in all I left Wordcamp looking forward to the next one.  As I begin to implement the changes into my blogs I’ll add commentary here.  I actually sat in on sessions facilitated by bloggers I’ve been following which was also, AMAZING!  I can’t wait to interact with them again and implement the techniques.  I’ve even reserved a spot at my next meetup with my local WordPress group.  I expect to have something to share with the group by then.



    Update for the Week Ending 2/17/2013

    Looks like I’m late this week.  Yeesh! It was a busy week.  At work. At school.  I’m excited and tired at the same time.  Did I mention I signed up for WordCamp.  I’m so excited.  I’m anxious to see how it all turns out.  I just finished week 4 and I have 2 weeks to go for this semester.  It is going fast.  I don’t have as much to say as I thought I would.  I’m really tired again.  It is time for a nap.  I will try to get more on later.  For now.  Good night.

    I’m going to Atlanta WordCamp 2013

    I registered for WordCamp! I can’t believe I am actually taking all the steps to change my life. Every few days something will happen to remind me that I am supposed to be doing something else. Right now I don’t even question why, other than because I’m attempting to be obedient, I’m experiencing favor.

    Anyway, I began this simply to say, I reached out to others to get help learning how to use WordPress. There is such a rich community here. I’ve been to a couple of meet ups featuring WordPress. I’m amazed at the number of people my age and older that are really into WordPress. They are at all experience levels. I am going to actively participate in these groups until I can also contribute experiences of my own. Once I’m finished with school I will visit more.

    I knew I’d go to the camp as soon as I heard about it. I signed up for the mailing list. I even took time off work. Once I read the bios for the presenters I got excited. I’m thinking, “Wow” there’s going to be a lot of great information made available. This morning the sessions were posted and I was BLOWN AWAY! .  But when I read the descriptions for the various sessions and saw how the event is organized I quickly put in the request for another day off.  I figured…just in case.  This afternoon I received the email announcing the private presale of tickets for the event.  Ironically, I put in a leave form for 2 days.  I’d already put in for a day off from work to attend a function with my parents later that evening.  I took the second day after reading the event descriptions.  I bought my ticket. Only one. I haven’t even told anyone yet…except you I guess.  I’m REALLY excited.

    God keeps presenting resources to guide me in the intentions he allowed me to establish.  Wow.