New Goal (or Same Goal Renewed Determination)

So, I’m talking to AJ yesterday and she says to me we should really take this accountability thing to the next level. Specifically, each week we should be setting intentions with deadlines. Each week we should be getting together to REALLY discuss our progress. You know, for moral support and even technical support where necessary.

And…after a nap, I agree. We were talking again about knowing that we need a presence to send prospects to. A portfolio of sorts. She’s had much more time to work on this but even still, her vision was clear from the beginning. Yet, she is not ready to put anything up or out. No judgment from me because I just came to the realization that I’ve got to get something up. I’m honing my vision as I go.

My take on it though, is mine doesn’t have to be perfect to begin. It just needs to be available. The rest will come. I learned that launching the magazine. I mean a portfolio is an evolving document. It isn’t a one off production. The best thing about this is I’m doing it myself. So, while I’m thinking this thing through I start telling her how I feel about my process and progress:

I’m taking the Skillcrush course but (after receiving an invoice) I revisited Treehouse as well. Turns out I’m working on 2 separate portfolios, one from each of those venues. Skillcrush gave me a resource to help me plan out the site’s content and structure. Treehouse will simply have me create a project. Treehouse is more about the process and steps. Skillcrush is more about gaining confidence by putting a few lines of code in a document and uploading it to the web for everyone to see. In Treehouse’s process the portfolio is responsive. The course is much longer but that’s OK. It is the first in a series directed at teaching me or anyone who’ll listen to be a web developer from the front end. I’m actually good with that. Skillcrush basically gives me the confidence with small projects of commonly used tags of sorts. It’s because of Skillcrush I’m really grasping the structure concept.

So, I used the worksheet to plan my portfolio. A line or two about myself, my ambition, and my skills. And a handful of examples I intend to present of my work go on that worksheet. When I finished the worksheet I took the time, after one of my sessions, in the effort to not get ahead, to practice. I actually code the structure of the entire document. Including the place holders, captions, and alt tags for the images to come. That was last week during the HTML portion of the blueprint.

This week I took a look at the CSS section. And while I did all the exercises and practiced with my projects I’m a little off. Then I return to my first portfolio project in Treehouse. Wow, to reinforce the CSS lessons I go right ahead and complete the tutorial.

Now that it’s complete I’ll go ahead and sub out the lorum ipsom for my own text. Their images for my own…and change the color scheme. Thanks to the worksheet I have a few properties I intend to include on the portfolio. They just aren’t ready yet.

But, I want to get my place on the web up and running. So, I decide out loud to simply get the code right–including the place holding images and the description or caption pages for six assets. Then…..drum roll please?…..I’ll comment them out to only show what IS ready to be seen.

Excited I tell you! Then I messed around and declared that as my intention for this week. To AJ. Yep! That is my intention for this week. I literally have until next Saturday afternoon to get this up and running. But you know what? I’m so close now that I will fix what I have and get it up on the web.

I’ve made a list of the images I need and will go back through to fix the navigation on the website. When I do that I’ll do a quick trouble shoot debug validation session then upload her to the web. Heck, I don’t necessarily have to send anyone to her right away. She just needs to be there. My little space in cyber space for professional developer me. I’ll share the link when it is up.

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