New Challenges Day 1

It’s been a while but I’m back again. The summer is over and I really need some relief. This year is a year of completion for me but new beginnings for my family. I’m rambling. Anywayy, today is the first day of a nine day fast I’ve decided to complete. It is similar to the Daniel Fast I completed at the beginning of the year. The difference is I’m doing this one for myself. It is time to shed and repair the damage from the summer’s indulgences. I’m looking forward to the process.

In addition to the cleansing fast I’m beginning a new fitness challenge with my Mr. It’s a 30 day full body challenge designed to get us back to where we were in motivation. We haven’t been failthful to a fitness program in a good while. These are full body bodyweight exercises. Push ups, crunches, planks, squats. Yep! we’re going back to the beginning. It gets progressively challenging as we increase the number of reps and the time to hold the exercise. By the end of the month I think the plank is held a full 5 minutes. If a person can hold the plank for 5 minutes there is no question 20 pushups should be a breeze.

So, eating and exercise out of the way I’ve also embarked on a professional challenge. Specifically, I will be participating in The Challenge which has a goal of making your first dollar on line within 30 days. Plus I will be in a digital publishing intensive with a goal of publishing my first interactive magazine on the apple newsstand within six weeks. And the grand finale of the month? I march to receive my master’s degree in business administration. It’s going to be a heck of a month.

So, today, I started with a mission to drink a gallon of alkaline water. It helped although I’m only half way through the gallon. I also attended church via live stream since I had work. Finally, I had a wonderful cold salad for lunch that didn’t include any of my banned substances…meat, dairy, refined sugars, starches or bread.

I’m excited. Let’s get to work.

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