My New MacBook Pro is Here!

I’m chilling in the early am creating notes on my new MacBook Pro! Updated it to Yosimetie which I was concerned about but I’m liking her so far. I told myself I’d wait until Christmas but here I am typing away at 3am. KNOW I should be asleep. Christmas came early for me. Still want a 6 plus but I’ll be ok. without it…for now.

I’ve joined the developer world. Now to finish updating and downloading all my must haves. Evernote is just the first step. Even the resolution improved when I upgraded the OS. I was concerned for a minute and a half. The documentation on the sales site said it had the lion OS but thankfully when I got it it had Maverick. Something to be said for prayer. I’m glad I got the 13 inch size as well. It feels better. Not as big as the 15 inch I’m downsizing from on the PC. But not the tiny 11 inch size either. I’m chilling. I got a bunch of extras and right now I need to plug in my power cord and finish updating my new computer!

Plus, I purchased a really cool case the go over it. The Mr. was like, “Why do you feel you needed a case?” I guess I didn’t think I needed one. I wanted one. Especially when I realized it was rubberized. I just thought it would be cool….and it is.

As much as I want to I’m not taking her to work today. I don’t think, lol. I won’t have the time to really work with her so I don’t think I should have her with me. Unless at some point I can sneak away to the library or something. Today is inservice so I figure I probably can’t get away like that. Although I really want to. And I still might because I’ve wanted her for so long. Plus, I usually carry a computer to work with me.

Look at me! My first note on my MacBook Pro. I love the resolution on this thing. I’m going to be using this like CRAZY! I bet my learning curve for coding has decreased sharply. I much prefer to work from the couch or my bed than from my desktop most days. I love this thing.

This weekend, well the past two days have been and eye opener for me. I realized a couple things. First, I am a tactile person. I knew that but I thought I could work around it. I can’t. I bought a journal for my personal sanity on Tuesday. I spent some time talking to Anika this past weekend. We decided, rather, I decided that I need to write out my vision for Beautiful Natural Hair. The brand. Then take an honest audit of the resources I have. Finally, I need to develop and document a process to make that happen.

It’s time.

Oh well it’s time to make the donuts. I found the keyboard cover was unnecessary. I couldn’t feel the keys and it made for much slower typing. Plus my keyboard is back lit. I’m stoked. It is time I got up and got dressed for work. I would say its going to be a long day…but…everyday is a long day for me. The inservice is not helping it much.

I like the feel of my new keyboard. I like the feel of my new computer. I just finished downloading and installing my text editor of choice and a couple of additional operating systems. Let’s get to work. Hee Hee.

I’ve joined the land of the lost. ROFLOL. I’ll even be able to use my hotspot on this when I have to. Yep! I’m excited. Getting up in two minutes. I’ll let the last of my stuff continue to download until I’ve finished dressing. Then I’m shutting her down. Still not sure if she’s coming to work with me. I’m thinking….maybe.

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