Meet Up Recap | Foundation 5 by Zurb

Presented by Chris Morrow – SolTech

Tonight I went to my first meetup with the Atlanta HTML5 User Group.  I’ve got to say I will definitely be going back.  The meetup was sponsored by SolTech and was located in the building my husband works in.

Before I begin let me say I have been putting off learning to use frameworks.  For the better part of a year I’ve been concentrating on learning to code by hand.  I’ve always been a fan of doing stuff the hard way…I don’t know why?  But suffice it to say I just began looking at Frameworks this week.

Now, my learning environment of choice is Treehouse.  And periodically, I look through my stuff and their library and I identify things I want to learn.  I’ll put the really interesting stuff on my dashboard for something I will get around to and continue to push through everything else I’m working on.

Frameworks was something I’m finally interested in because I’m actually building websites now. Also I became interested in them because I’m a Front End Developer.  I’m at the stage in my training where I now need to find a paid gig to continue my progress.  I need to develop a workflow and now is the time to do that.  I also am in transition from my soul sucking day job.  I begin advertising for freelance clients on Monday morning.  In the process I need to do a couple of things.  I’ve updated my resume.  I am updating all of my social networking profiles. I’m getting my portfolio together along with github.  And I’m applying to jobs. In the short term I’m also getting my hustle on in terms of figuring out the freelance lifestyle. And preparing to get clients.

Am I ready?  Yes!  I have to be.  I called off tonight from the job.  I haven’t done that…taken a slick day in 5 years.  It is time.

Anyway, I was all the way through Bootstrap and thinking it isn’t so bad.  I kind of like that.  I didn’t quite get a chance to meander through Foundation so being at the talk was really cool.

The format of the meeting was awesome.  It started with dinner and mingling with the principles of the sponsoring company.  They spent like $300 on pizza.  There were 114 people signed up for the meetup.  Not nearly that many people were there but I’d say it was definitely more than 50.  Anyway, at the beginning of the meeting they allow for announcements about conferences Hackathons or job openings.  And yes, there were people informing their startup is looking for a Front End Developer.  Exactly who I aim to be.  They went to the bar after the meet up to chat and hang out and such.

I brought my behind home.  I set a goal to complete the Front End Developer track this weekend…meaning Friday.  I also have 2 meetups to attend on tomorrow.  One on Google Analytics for Wordpress sites and one on compensation.  It is time.  So I need to get through as much as I can tonight and tomorrow between sessions.

Also, Anika and I are going to come back here an look at our projects between meetups.  So, as much of the courses as I can get through tonight and tomorrow night will help me reach the goal of working solely on my websites come Monday night.

All in all it was a good night.  I have some work to do and i will as soon as I finish the FED track.  Ruby is next I think.

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