It’s Been a Long Time 2

Since I’ve been accountable that is. I haven’t posted since March and a lot has happened. Great news! I’ve decided to bite the bullet and formally train to become a Front End Web Developer. I signed up for the Web Developer Blueprint on Skillcrush and I can’t be more excited. The class starts Monday. The Challenge starts Thursday.

These past few weeks I’ve been making the concerted effort to teach myself HTML, CSS, & JavaScript…again. Along with Swift, X-Code, and the necessary parts of Objective-C, I’m overwhelmed. To learn the web development I turned to my favorite education site — Udemy. I figured if I could teach myself well enough to earn an MBA online I can certainly teach myself to do code. On Udemy, Rob Percival has a couple of courses to teach a full stack experience in the form of the Complete Web Development Course and The Complete iOS8 and Swift course. Part of the course is his eBook that purports to show you how to make $10,000 while learning to code.

The techniques work.

One of the first challenges is to change your mindset. The goal is to begin to think of yourself as a developer. Introduce yourself to one new person as a developer, he challenges. So, I go to Code Camp a couple days later. I walk up to one of the vendors and introduce myself as a developer. Technically, I am a mobile developer. I have an app in the app store. I’m actively working on a couple of projects and I’m teaching myself the rest, right?

Two days later I get an email from the woman I introduced myself to. Turns out she’s a recruiter. They have a position open for a mobile developer and can she set something up for me to meet with them?

Suddenly, I feel like an Impostor. OMG! Do I really know enough?

So I ignore the email and dig into my studies. I reached out to my girlfriend, AJ and share all my insecurities. She understands what I’m going through. She’s been my accountability partner for almost a year now. She’s doing the same thing.

Then the email from Skillcrush comes. They’re opening up the blueprint one last time this year. At noon the next day. I was so excited. Credibility, structure, and community at a reasonable price considering I’m still teaching this stuff to myself. I’m excited. In three months I will not be an impostor any longer. I hope.

I'm a regular woman with a lot of opinions. So, here I am.

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