I’m restless

Literally it has been just over a week and I’m already restless. I can hardly believe it. It isn’t like I don’t deserve a six week break. It isn’t as if I have a ton of stuff that must be done right this minute. I can spare six weeks during the summer to get my head right, can’t I?

I’m feeling strangely disconnected from everything and everyone. Spending this last six months in school became so much a part of me that now I feel like something is missing. Worst, I feel like I should hurry and put something in the now empty space. I don’t want to but I feel like I should. Maybe. Instead I’m going to force myself to breathe by remembering all the things I used to do for myself but haven’t had the time to do. Like, exercise. I haven’t been to the gym or done any physical activity since I took the one afrofit class at church. That 20 minutes almost killed me, lol. And I’m in shape. I haven’t been to the Korean sauna in more than a year. I haven’t juiced for fitness in over a year either although I keep bringing home juice ingredients. Maybe. This is a six week thing I can pull together.

The review of my intention listed a stronger faith relationship with God! It included an increased level of fitness and the ever present desire to decrease my debt by 20% over the course of the year. Finally, I still want to launch and grow an online business. If all else fails I can always finish cleaning my house, lol….smh.