I’m going to Atlanta WordCamp 2013

I registered for WordCamp! I can’t believe I am actually taking all the steps to change my life. Every few days something will happen to remind me that I am supposed to be doing something else. Right now I don’t even question why, other than because I’m attempting to be obedient, I’m experiencing favor.

Anyway, I began this simply to say, I reached out to others to get help learning how to use WordPress. There is such a rich community here. I’ve been to a couple of meet ups featuring WordPress. I’m amazed at the number of people my age and older that are really into WordPress. They are at all experience levels. I am going to actively participate in these groups until I can also contribute experiences of my own. Once I’m finished with school I will visit more.

I knew I’d go to the camp as soon as I heard about it. I signed up for the mailing list. I even took time off work. Once I read the bios for the presenters I got excited. I’m thinking, “Wow” there’s going to be a lot of great information made available. This morning the sessions were posted and I was BLOWN AWAY! .  But when I read the descriptions for the various sessions and saw how the event is organized I quickly put in the request for another day off.  I figured…just in case.  This afternoon I received the email announcing the private presale of tickets for the event.  Ironically, I put in a leave form for 2 days.  I’d already put in for a day off from work to attend a function with my parents later that evening.  I took the second day after reading the event descriptions.  I bought my ticket. Only one. I haven’t even told anyone yet…except you I guess.  I’m REALLY excited.

God keeps presenting resources to guide me in the intentions he allowed me to establish.  Wow.

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