Happy Resurrection Day!

I cannot believe with all that has happened to me I have not posted any of it on this blog. I know I’ve been writing about it so I guess I must go back through my notebooks and find out where I put the information. Let’s see.

I started my class this month. Just a few days before Word Camp 2013. I attended Word Camp! It was an AMAZING experience. I got so much out of it. Action plans and the like. Then I got right back into school. I’m in my third week of Corporate Financial Management. it isn’t an easy subject but I’m plugging away at it. In three more weeks I’ll be finished with it and heading into my final course. The moment that course is complete I plunge full on into my blogs. Right now I can barely think. I mentioned to my husband that I haven’t really been able to watch any television lately. He commented on how busy I actually am. I’d actually forgotten how busy I am.

This week I begin the night shift rotation at work. It has been crazy at work this month getting everyone ready for the transition. I’m glad it is done. As of 7am tomorrow morning I am only the captain for 12 hours a day, three to four days a week. Until then I’m still on call 24 hours a day. Although it’s been pretty quiet lately 7am can’t get here fast enough.

I finally tried Bikram Yoga. It was incredible. I will definitely be completing the 20 class card I purchased for myself as a Christmas present. I will be able to do that along with my regular workouts and my juice fasts/feasts. It is time to carve out my summer sexy. Otherwise known as getting back in shape. I’ll be starting my juice feast tomorrow and keeping myself accountable using this blog of course. I’m starting with a cleansing glowing skin theme on a 6 day mini fast. I’ll take a couple of weeks off between fasts as I transition to more whole foods or a cleaner diet.

Service was great today. I really enjoy myself there. I also get a good word. Last week we made a Harlem Shake video. This week we watched it along with some other activities during service. It was pretty cool.

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