Gratitude Challenge – Day 1

I started the day grateful that it was the first day of school.  Now some 14 hours later? I’m overwhelmed.  No, I shouldn’t claim overwhelmed.  I simply realized I have a lot to do.  It’s amazing.  Since Sunday when Pastor defined boredom as the resting/waiting place God sends us to rejuvenate and prepare I’ve been wondering whether I’m overbooking myself.  Today.  Just this very moment I realized I probably have.  There are some social functions I intend to attend this week but I just got a real look at what my coursework looks like.  This won’t be a cake walk.  Besides class and work, I committed to exercise, a bible study group, and 2 meetups.  I had to reschedule today’s colonic because my plate at work was full and I didn’t really see myself getting done in time to get there.  Yet, I’m still grateful.

In addition to the course load some of the rules have changed and I’m a bit shaky on the mechanics of writing in the APA style.  So I’ll need to get on top of that.  This is an accelerated course with accelerated learning with little room for error considering I have to get my ducks in a row.  No joke.  Looks like I’m going to be retreating after all.  I’ll need to set an intention and schedule to exercise and study both in school and in the word.  Here is where the discipline comes in.  I know it will take discipline to make this happen.  I’ve got to make the decision and develop the plan.  I’ve got to stop speaking or typing in cliches as well.  Oh well.  Today I am grateful to God for showing me the way back to school.  I know now that part of that fast was to remind me to be still sometimes.  I’ll be still untill  I’m through.

I slept for 2.5 hours because I was anxious to get started.  Tonight I am exhausted.  As soon as I close out this post I’m going to sleep.  If I can get in the bed by 9pm I have a stronger chance of getting up and moving around at 4 am.  It needs to evlove naturally.  Because when I add the other elements of wellness to the mix I will need to be able to stand still.  It’s what I do.  Day 1.