Goal Review

I set some intentions at the beginning of the year. I don’t set resolutions I set intentions. I intend to do things. To actually get thing done I will at the end of the year think about what I want to be different in the new year. The one thing I don’t consistently do is periodic reviews to see where I am. As I finish a major task I generally will look to see what is next however I don’t have a set action plan or time table for completion of any particular action. Also, I sometimes get sidetracked by new unexpected projects.

Today after working on my business for as long as I could today I turned to Flipboard to take my mind off my challenges. There in black and white was a post from 2010 written by Think and Grow Chick. What did it talk about? Where she was in her intentions for the year. It got me thinking. Where am I?

Oh in 2013 I intended to:

  • To strengthen my commitment to and walk with God.
  • To reduce our debt by 20%.
  • To complete my graduate degree.
  • To improve my health by increasing my fitness level and living a  more holistic lifestyle.
  • To establish and grow an online business
  • To lead a more organized life.
  • Let’s see…

  • I can honestly say I’m feeling a little detached
  • I’ll need to take a look but I’m pretty sure our debt has increased instead of decreased now that I’ve completed my degree and the Mr has started college
  • I did complete my graduate degree
  • I haven’t actually increased my fitness level with any consistency. Nor am I living a more holistic lifestyle
  • I am in the throws of establishing an online business although it is different from the business plan I completed in business school. Just acknowledging that sort of leads me to believe I should probably take the time to write a new plan for this business. I’ve been so busy in the doing I didn’t really take the time to establish a viable plan
  • That leads the the disorganization that has become my life. There are no words to even justify what is happening. I’m working way too many hours outside of my business.
  • It is already November. At this point I can only really make the decision to develop a plan to be implemented at the beginning of the year. If I make some steps toward the intentions does that count? I’m thinking personally, it doesn’t. What I really needed to do was to be better at setting the intentions. The should be measurable and have a time limit for completion. The timeline must be concrete. Right now I can acknowledge until this moment I didn’t realize how vague the intentions were. Nothing about that list is inspiring on its own. I need to bring the passion going forward. I can do that.

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