Getting Motivated

Ok, so I’m on my ipad scanning the day’s events.  Preparing for the day so to speak and I come across a bunch of videos showing how to do what I’m desperate to learn how to do.  And the videos make it all look simple.  Why don’t I find these things when I’m actually looking for them? Always when I just want to kick back and relax do I find the answer to many of my questions.  Then that reminds me that I’m not actually doing anything at that particular moment even though I have a TON of things I could be doing.  smh.

My point before I took that last tangent is that I’m actually getting motivated.  This evening before sitting down to write this I actually took the time to update some software and to review what I’m working on.  I have a lot of projects in various stages.  This weekend I took a break from EVERYTHING.  I had not done that in a good while. But, I’m getting motivated again.  Enough to actually possibly do something this time.  You know, set an intention and make it happen.  Yes, I can do it this time.  But not today, lol.  Good night.

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