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placeimg_640_480_tech (1)A month ago,  I stumbled upon Free Code Camp.  I came across this resource while reviewing the website of one of my Skillcrush classmates.  I’d not heard of it before.   Free Code Camp is an open source totally free community from which to both learn to code and to get real world experience while learning.

The goal of the program is to teach you full stack JavaScript development and become a Software Engineer.

The camp is structured in a format which provides 1600 hours of training in web development via multiple resources including Codecademy and various online computer science courses to teach the topics.  It is fully online and totally self paced. While working through the series of challenges I’ve revisited all the concepts I’ve been learning.  I especially appreciate the camp’s approach to JavaScript and jQuery.  The topics were addressed in reverse (as compared to the other programs I’ve studied) and that really solidified my understanding of each.  I now understand much better how the two fit together.

A word on the self paced format — I thought I would be able to power through the first 200 hours of training.  I’m already a front end developer after all, right?  Not so right after all.  I got through the first 29 or so challenges then got to the very last sections of the JavaScript section of Codecademy.  It is taking me FOREVER to get through this section.  I’ve pair programmed (Thanks @creighton24) and reviewed just about every resource book I have to understand that section on classes & prototype.  Let me tell you, the way I collect resources – that review was no small feat.  Yet, each day I’m putting it down in order to get more information and prayerfully understand what I’m missing.

Today I looked at my Free Code Camp profile to review my progress.  It looks as if I haven’t worked on the project in more than a week.  Yet I’ve been diligently pushing through it every day. Further my head is so wrapped up in understanding these concepts I haven’t even worked on any of my other projects in the past couple of days.  Frustrating is an understatement.

The camaraderie of campers is facilitated via a Slack channel.  In my first few days I met some incredible people via the channel.  I was able to get assistance with a particularly challenging assignment which I blogged about in my post on frustration.  The access to the community is amazing.  There is someone available on the Slack channel almost 24 hours a day.  I tend to go online late in the evening now that my work hours have changed.  There has always been someone online to chat with no matter when I entered the room.  It helps me feel less lonely on this journey.

I’m recommending any and everyone check out Free Code Camp if even a little curious about learning to code.

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