Daniel Fast – Day 1

I decided to participate in the Daniel Fast practiced by my church. This year 2013 I’m focusing on getting closer to God so I can hear his direction. I’ve been truly blessed and increased in 2012. I’m going through a transition and I see evidence daily that this is where I should be. So, in celebration of finally finding my place I’m giving this 21 days to Him! Today is Day 1.

So far, I’ve abstained from all the forbidden foods. I have a raging headache yet I haven’t taken any sort of pain killer. I think that would defeat the purpose. I know it is a withdrawal from caffeine. So instead I’ve used my brand new juicer to create juices from various fruits and vegetables. I’ve also made a chipotle chili for dinner. I’m looking forward to trying that. I got the recipe in the Ultimate Daniel Fast book I’ve been reading. It has some devotionals and some recipes. I’ve completed Day 1 which is the confession portion. Now I’m just hoping to make it through the night. My head is splitting.

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