Daniel Fast – Day 8

9:06 pm. It has been a day. I made it though. This evening I made a black bean minestrone soup. It was delicious. I also attended the conference call for my small group orientation. I got a lot done. Last night I didn’t feel like juicing..or at least I didn’t juice enough for today. So I figured I’d get up and make it happen. Only, this morning, I didn’t want to get up to juice. Instead I hung out a little longer then got ready for work. I had 16 oz of juice left over from the night before. Since I was too lazy to cook the night before I decided I’d take a walk to the other cafeteria for lunch. They ALWAYS have a baked sweet potato and some sort of roasted or steamed vegetable at the ready. Today I was in luck. They had both and some spaghetti squash sautéed with onion. I neglected to ask what it was sautéed in and I didn’t consider that until I was most of the way through the meal. It was good though.

I also had my first in a series of colonics. It was a closed system different from the open. I think I prefer the closed system. It just felt cleaner. Plus I could see it was effective. It helped having an experienced person in the room. I’ve decided to make this happen once a week for the remaining 5 weeks. On a Tuesday. I’ll be nice and tidy then. I’m going to juice 2 or 3 days before to help loosen up some stuff. I’m almost fully hydrated. Almost. My lips are still a little dry.

Spiritually, I’m already seeing changes in my life. Praise God. Tomorrow I find out how the changes affect me and my family. I’m Praising God for personal peace. In advance.

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