Daniel Fast – Day 5

I’m tired. Just finished smoking a chicken I won’t be eating. It smells really good but I don’t even want any. That’s how it usually is with me and chicken. Anyway, for me it was baked sweet potatoes chips and brown rice under a spinach and zucchini casserole. No bread. No cheese. No meat. Oh, how I miss cheese. How grateful to God I am that I’m able to even have the choice. Day 5 — I’m counting as a success.

Today we went to the new members class at our church and formed a small group. I like small groups. In my home church we called them Discipleship groups. I like them because they are a place to mature in the word. I like wrestling with my faith in a safe enviornment of other believers attempting to discern the word for themselves. Our new church has a unique approach to small groups they categorize you based on your life stage. We’re in the married with children group. From the day’s activities I can see we found the right home. It is a place I can be fed and where I can contribute. We’ve been praying for balance. I believe we can find that here. I’m excited.

During the class it helped that I was in a room full of many others participating in the fast. The Mr. isn’t one of them. When it was time for a break in the 5 hour session the refreshments consisted of fresh fruit, bottled water, and fruit juice. I personally have been juicing this entire fast. I hadn’t had anything other than water with a bit of lime squeezed in this morning so the tangerine and water was right on time. The Mr. was hoping for coffee.  In our group are 3 other couples so far.  We chose roles or responsiblities and we took the time to talk to each other and get to know a little bit about each other while we were there.  I’m going to finally have people to talk to that have something in common with me.  We equally love God and want to participate in his kingdom here on earth and into eternity.

During my devotion time I again spent time in the book of Daniel.  I spent time pondering God grace and mercy for mankind and for my own life. I’m officially in meditation.

For my juices today? I waited until this afternoon to make my juice.  I simply didn’t have enough time to do it this morning hence the water with a splash of lime.  When we returned home I made 2 large juices.  One consisted of grapefruit and garlic.  The other juice consisted of apples, carrots, cucumber, and ginger.  I drank the latter first.  It filled me up and held me through dinner.  Right now I’m finishing a quart of water after which I’m going to bed.  The grapefruit and garlic will be my breakfast.  Until tomorrow.

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