Daniel Fast – Day 3

It’s been an eventful day. I’m a little tired but again it’s been an eventful day. Quite a bit happened at work that I’m not really able to share. But, I think it all worked out ok. As far as my energy I was a bit more sluggish than I’d like to be today. I didn’t have a headache though. A couple of times I thought that might actually happen but in the end it didn’t. I drank 3 juices today. I’d made them last night. They were tasty but I forgot to take pictures. One was an intense green drink. I added Vitamineral Green to that one. The other 2 contained beets. One was beets and oranges. That was in a word…Excellent. The other also had celery, carrots, and apples. It looked like blood but tasted quite good. I shared some with one of my coworkers. She was surprised at how sweet it was. The other thing though is that because each juice contained a whole beet I know by this time tomorrow my insides should be good and clean.

When I got home from work I found out my son discarded the last of my chipotle chili. I wasn’t happy about that since my original intent was to snack on that before making the spinach and zucchini casserole. But, it was my fault. I didn’t realize I hadn’t put it back in the fridge when I ran out the door to work this morning. My husband didn’t put it away either. My son was just doing his job by cleaning up. The spinach and zucchini casserole was, edible. It was missing a flavor and I’m not sure what it is. I was out of basil so that might be the taste that would pull the meal together. I ate it over quinoa. I probably have like 4 more servings of that. Next I’ll make the Jamaican chili.

I’m really tired so even though I planned out my juice for tomorrow I really am too tired to make it. In a minute after I take my digestive enzyme I’m going to bed. I need to be up at least 30 minutes earlier to make the juice.

On the spiritual note I completed my devotion. It was about the changing of my name or what’s in a name. It helped with my meditation on what to do next and how to control my tongue. I have some evidence of that so I’m going to find out what is next. Until tomorrow. I’m done.

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