Daniel Fast – Day 21

I really don’t know what to say.  Today is the last day of the fast.  I ate something today I shouldn’t have considering the fast actually ends at 6am tomorrow.  I didn’t even feel convicted for doing it.  I wonder was I led to be finished or if I talked myself into it.  After I ate my husband informed me he was happy I was eating again.  He’s been concerned about the amount of weight I’ve lost.  But he didn’t want to mention his concern because he knew I was doing this fast for spiritual reasons.  If that’s the case, I’m really glad my mother hasn’t seen me in 3 weeks.  She’d be really upset.  I’m down 2 dress sizes and I was only a size 6 to begin with.

I’ve set new intentions to begin tomorrow.  An exercise in gratitude and in an exercise in discipline.  I’m beginning the first of the final 3 courses in my graduate program tomorrow.  And today I purchased a couple of pairs of yoga shorts to begin the hot yoga classes.  My intention once I get a handle on my course work this week is to exercise 3 hours a week.  The hot yoga classes are 90 minutes long.  There is no way I can pretend I’ll be willing and able to do that more than once a week.  The other 90 minutes will be broken up into 3 thirty minute full body workouts during the week immediately after work.  I’ll continue to get my cardio by walking around the site at work.  I can easily get 30 minutes and probably closer to 60 minutes of walking during the day.  The campus is pretty large.

I never really detailed my intentions for 2013.  I have a few.  And most of them will be addressed in spin-off blogs…maybe.  So, for 2013 I intend the the following:

  1. To strengthen my commitment to and walk with God.
  2. To reduce our debt by 20%.
  3. To complete my graduate degree.
  4. To improve my health by increasing my fitness level and living a  more holistic lifestyle.
  5. To establish and grow an online business
  6. To lead a more organized life.

The action plans for those intentions will be developed as part of my discipline exercise.

My plate and calendar is officially full.  Therefore, I won’t add anything else to it until after I finish school in July or August.  Day 21 is done.