Daniel Fast – Day 20

I woke up this morning refreshed and ready for church. Before we left though I made a bunch of juice for myself and the family. It was sort of a clean the fridge type of juice fest. Where I went through all the fruit bowls I keep lying around the house and rummaged through the crisper bin looking for stuff that I possibly forgot about. There wasn’t anything. I put on some crazy contemporary gospel music and just started juicing. I took before and after pictures too.


I made a tomato juice with celery, my favorite citrus juice with garlic, and juiced the lemons that will be the base for some master cleanse lemonade I will drink this week. Then I made a quart of apple juice for my husband. I usually drop a slice of lemon in that. I finished up with a very green drink made with kale, cucumber, and celery.



In the end it was a beautiful mix of juices. I drank the citrus juice right away. I actually prefer that one at room temperature. It filled me up so I didn’t need anything to eat before church. The rest of the juices I put in the fridge for later. I gave the apple juice to my husband. He really enjoyed it.

This past 20 days has been amazing. I feel lighter. I don’t have the same challenges with my stomach I had before the fast. Although I know I can’t maintain the same stringent dietary rules all the time I’m definitely considering changing my habits. I probably don’t need to eat meat. I certainly know I want to restrict my dairy intake to certain things. I’m going to reenter everything slowly so I identify my sensitivities. Also, although the Mr. really wants to ‘fatten’ me up I don’t think I want that. I want to be healthy. Now that my clothes are falling off and my belt needs another notch knocked into it I think it is time to get back into scrapping shape.

I still have 4 more colonic sessions and 20 sessions of yoga. I’ll start bodyweight exercises here at home in the morning and as I realized yesterday I will get more cardio exercise walking around the site at work. I’m also considering a modified juice feast. Modified because I don’t want to lose anymore weight. I just want to cleanse at this point. Day 20 is done.