Daniel Fast – Day 2

It’s 9:38 pm and I made it through Day 2 of this Daniel Fast. I went back to work today. I followed the pastor’s advice and proclaimed my fast so now I have approximately 41 accountability partners since all of my coworkers delight in reminding me of my journey. I’m good with it though. Surprisingly I wasn’t hungry and Praise God! my headache was gone when I awoke this morning. I’m not a big morning eater so I decided to juice the first portion of the day and eat solid the afternoon and evening. This morning I alternated between juice and water until about noon. I then ate more of the chipotle chili from last night. I finished the rest of my day with water.

Physically my throat is a little sore and I’ve been eliminating a lot but otherwise I’m in good shape. Oh, I’ve been unusually tired but I know it is from the detox effect of the fast not from lack of nourishment. Spiritually, Ive been reading the book of Daniel in the bible along with the devotionals included in Kristen Feola’s book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast. It includes a daily reading with additional scriptural references. It helps me to formulate my prayers. In the meanwhile I’m wandering around my Kindle library and realize at some point in the recent past I acquired a book that serves as sort of a commentary on the life of Daniel. It is fascinating that I’d find it at this time and I’ve been filling some of my time with that. It is called The Book of Daniel (Prophecy for Today from Daniel, David, and Haggai) by Russell Stendal. Finally, at the end of each day I check the church website for the daily devotional. I’m about to do that now. I just wanted to get this down first.

I made 3 juices for tomorrow and I’ll take some more chili for lunch. After work I stopped at the local market and picked up produce for a Spinach-Zucchini casserole. I will definitely make that tomorrow with some quinoa to go on the side. As the the juice I made an all green juice with kale, romaine hearts, spinach, parsley, celery, ginger and lemon. I made an apple, beet, and carrot juice that included ginger but nothing green except one of the apples. And I made a surprisingly tasty beet-orange juice. It looks like blood but tastes like desert. I enjoy the juices better at room temperature but unfortunately I can’t store them that way. So, tomorrow I’ll see how they taste cold.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m going to finish this last exercise before I head to sleep for the night. Happy New Year.



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