Daniel Fast – Day 17

Wow! I’ve got 4 days left.  Sometimes I can’t believe I’m this close or that I’ve come this far.  I’m happy I remained true to the reason for this fast.  It is a very stressful time for me.  Or at least it could be.  I’ve chosen not to participate in the stress of it all.  I’ve decided simply to do my job.  I mean really.  Just do my job at work.  I’m happy about the way our life is evolving right now.  We had a discipleship group meeting last night.  When it was over the Mr. and I sat around in the living room rejoicing in how God has brought our family in communication with other families like ours.  We’re in different life stages agewise but we have overlapping testimonies.  We each have something to contribute to one another and I’m happy God saw fit to bring us together.  We are SUPER excited!  Super.  My precious niece is in college.  She says ‘super’.  One day we picked her up at the dorm and asked if she’d eaten.  She informed us the dining hall closed before she could get there.  She was SUPER hungry.   The Mr. teases her to this day about that.  Now, I’m saying it, lol.

I’m going to spend some time in devotion.  I’m not sure why but I wanted to get the writing done first today.  I want to express gratitude.  I’ve been developing a habit during this time.  It takes 21 days to develop a habit.  The habit I wanted to develop involved writing daily for publication.  Not long ago I came across a website training program that informed if you commited to publishing 1,000 words per day you could create a successful business.  I wasn’t sure I believed that.  Then I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t believe it could be done.  I questioned whether I could commit to doing it.  Of my posts none have come close to anything like that.  But, I bet some of my work emails exceed that number, lol.  I’m known for lengthy emails.  This fast is teaching me I can finish something I start.  I can and should finish everything I start.  I just have to get focused.

Stephanie Speaks is supposed to be an accountability blog.  Or at least that is what it is today.  Later on it may evolve into something else.  But right now, I’m actively using it to keep on point with the fast.  I have some habits I’d like to acquire.  As well as some I want to shed.  There are many ways I can go with this.  I’ve got the foggy head right now.  I’mg going to move on to my devotion for now.  When I’m done I’ll see where I stand.  As of right now, my energy is up.  And the Holy Spirit is calling me to prayer.  Here I am.  Day 17.