Daniel Fast – Day 16

It’s time to make some juice. I haven’t in a couple of days so I really need to make some tonight. I’m thinking about a straight watermelon juice. A straight pineapple juice. a beets with orange and celery juice, then something green. I haven’t had green in a while. Plus my green apples are REALLY ripe. In a few minutes I’m getting up and pulling that all together. This is day 16.

It was a crazy day at work. A lot of meetings and a lot of other stuff going on. I interviewed for a job this afternoon. It is crazy but we all have to reapply for our jobs. Things are changing rapidly. I’m really excited about that. But on the other hand change is always challenging for me even when I’m expecting it. This afternoon I had a revelation about why I’d arranged things the way they were arranged this past couple of weeks. I needed someone around me I could literally trust. I mean I thought I had it all under control. It turns out I was more stressed than I thought. In the end it was like a revelation. I needed someone near me I could trust. And this is what it is about. Someone who had my back. I’m not in that space right now. Not anymore. Another thing that was sort of a confirmation for me. That I’m going in the right direction….the enemy was attacking me. Covertly. I knew it. I recognized it. And try as I might I actually was able to remove myself from the hate for a moment. I literally let God, be God. And OMG! Literally today I feel like God showed up and showed out. I am overjoyed. I’m praying that my joy is not disrespectful. My Mr. referred me to scripture to assuage my guilt. Praise God!

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but for tonight I’m excited. My energy level was good today. I’m going to drink some juice and take some digestive enzymes and a couple of cascara segrada capsules. Tomorrow I will drink some beet juice. The plan is to move something. After my fast I’m considering the lemonade cleanse and hot yoga for a few days. Just to see how it all pans out. I’ll see how the end is going to be. For now, Day 16 is done. 5 more days.

10:34 pm. Update! I made some amazing juices tonight. No vegetable because I was too tired to clean the juicer twice. I had enough steam to juice a pineapple (my first) and 1/2 of a good size watermelon. I threw in some other tropical and not so tropical fruit then my son and I had an evening of non alcoholic cocktails. It was amazing. Looking forward to doing that again.