Daniel Fast – Day 15

9:43 pm. Another day down. After an eventful day at work I had the 2nd of 6 colonic experiences. I’ve been juicing and drinking water and carefully observing the fast. Yet, the session wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped it would be. But, I have been under a certain amount of stress this past few days. Just a bit annoyed and disappointed. I’m feeling like I’ve been given a challenge and I really have to do my best to complete it. I guess my concern is the follow through. I haven’t always done that in the past. I’m happy to say I’m doing it now. I will continue to do it.

After the colonic I decided to go home instead of going back to work. I’d already completed an 8 hour day. There is plenty left to do tomorrow so I will do it then. When I got home I meditated a bit and read my bible. I just relaxed. I also began some of the reading for my next course. The class starts on Tuesday of next week. My small group will meet via conference call tomorrow evening. That is a relief. I’d already decided I’d need to make some phone calls when I got home so I was pleasantly surprised to find an entire email conversation took place while I was away from my ipad.

As far as my energy level I was quite energized today up until the colonic. At that point I had to come home to rest. The Mr. got home about an hour later and we spent a good part of the evening just chatting and enjoying each others company. Six days to go. Day 15 is done.