Daniel Fast – Day 13

9:23 pm. Today’s service was AMAZING. The pastor was back from his trip. He along with 2 of the ministers explained what Jesus meant when he spoke of the feasting on the word of God. I was an eye opener and it felt good to finally understand. It all centered on the theme for this fast. Hunger. I’m a little foggy on it right this minute because I don’t feel I’ve had sufficient time to meditate on it. I will meditate on the main concepts this week.

Physically, I felt alright today. This morning before church we stopped to get the funds for tithe. After I realized I was hungry to the point of distraction. The Mr. pointed out I hadn’t really had much to each since the day before. I broke down and had some fruit and oatmeal from McDonalds. I asked them to hold the cream they usually make it with. It was my first time having it. It definitely hit the spot. No way around that. It also held me for a good while.

I made the Jamaican Chili this evening and 3 juice drinks. The Chili reminded me of my sacrifice. It didn’t taste so great. Something was missing. I’ll be choking it down the rest of the week though. No other options. Eight days to go.