Daniel Fast – Day 11 & 12

10 pm.  The day really got away from me yesterday. I had to make some decisions at work that were hard. I also learned some things. Mainly that I need to fall back on other resources to help make it happen. I drank the green juice I made the night before and a lot of water. It sort of jumpstarted my cleanse so the foggy brain was gone.

Today, the foggy brain is still gone. The Mr. and I attended the 2nd part of our new members class at church. The topic was spiritual maturity. I feel like I got a lot out of the class. I deeper understanding of what we need to do to fulfil God’s purpose in our life. I also got a chance to spend time with some of my small group members.  I’ve got to determine what I’m required to do and do it. I made some commitments and I aim to keep them. With that said…I’d better get on my promises before it gets any later.

I ate leftovers and drank more water today.  I also had some pistachio nuts. I did take a trip to the market to gather up a slew of fruit to make juice for my fellas as a treat for tomorrow before church.  Tomorrow’s dinner will be Jamaican Chili and Sweet Potatoe Chips.  I’ve got 9 more days on this fast.  I have to find new recipes.  One of the other things that is pretty cool about this time aside from my growing relatioship with God is my digestive system is improving.  My Mr. says I look really good.  My coworkers say I’m wasting away.  My Mr. says once I begin eating again the weight will come back.  He put it into perspective for me…if I wasn’t being true to the fast my body wouldn’t be changing.  He’s right.  Day 12 is done.