Daniel Fast – Day 10

7:47 pm. It was a good day. Actually, it was a great day. I’m still holding fast to my commitment to this fast. I actually am not craving anything in particular but I am noticing cleansing side effects. Like I have that foggy feeling I had when I had that medical scare a few months ago. I say it is a cleansing side effect because as the body rids itself of the toxic residue of past ailments you feel some of the symptoms again. It doesn’t usually last more than a few days. On day 7 in the evening I had a hip ‘thing’ that literally had me limping around the house by the end of the evening. That was gone by the next morning. Anyway, even though he is isn’t actively fasting I’m starting to see how God is working in our life together. I praise God for the gift of meditation for meditation is how we hear from God.

Today at work could have been really challenging. But, I didn’t let it get there. I leaned on God and accepted guidance. I officially made it back into school. I start 2 weeks from last Tuesday. I’ll finish by June. This evening when I got home I made juice. Lots of juice. Actually it was sort of everything but the kitchen sink night. It is time to clean out the fridge in preparation for this week’s shopping extravaganza! Some of my produce didn’t make it. Those 2 days this past week when I wasn’t up to juicing showed. I won’t do that again. Prayerfully. Otherwise I juiced and my son tasted. Some things he liked others he didn’t. He was also the official photographer.

First I juiced a mini seedless watermelon. I read it was good to help cleanse the kidneys. I also read that the entire melon could be juiced — rind and all. So I did that first. My son tasted it and immediately rejected it. I tasted it and it was a bit ‘green’ tasting but it wasn’t bad. So, to accommodate the young’un I juiced the rest of the melon without the rind. It was so sweet he had to add water to the mix even after he’d added ice.

It looked like this. The one on the left is with the rind the one on the right is without.


I on the other hand had a recipe for something called a melon ball delight I think. It also included a pear and oranges. So since I knew the young’un would never drink the one with the rind I added pears and orange juices to that one. It was delightful. As a side note my son likes the juice of each fruit separately but necessarily mixed together.

It looked like this. The one on the left is orange juice by itself. The one on the right is the melon ball delight. The color is crazy because of the green from the rind.


Finally, I emptied the crisper and made a lovely green drink with kale, cucumber, celery, zucchini, and lemon. Zucchini makes for a smooth drink. I may add vitamineral green to the mix tomorrow when I drink it at work. I actually on this one focused enough to get a before and after photo.

It looks like this – Before:


It looks like this – After:


I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t drink anything after about 6 oz of the melon ball delight. I began my evening with the black bean minestrone soup I made a couple of days ago. This weekend is Jamaican Chili and Pesto Spaghetti Squash.

Until tomorrow.