New Goal (or Same Goal Renewed Determination)

So, I’m talking to AJ yesterday and she says to me we should really take this accountability thing to the next level. Specifically, each week we should be setting intentions with deadlines. Each week we should be getting together to REALLY discuss our progress. You know, for moral support and even technical support where necessary.

And…after a nap, I agree. We were talking again about knowing that we need a presence to send prospects to. A portfolio of sorts. She’s had much more time to work on this but even still, her vision was clear from the beginning. Yet, she is not ready to put anything up or out. No judgment from me because I just came to the realization that I’ve got to get something up. I’m honing my vision as I go.

My take on it though, is mine doesn’t have to be perfect to begin. It just needs to be available. The rest will come. I learned that launching the magazine. I mean a portfolio is an evolving document. It isn’t a one off production. The best thing about this is I’m doing it myself. So, while I’m thinking this thing through I start telling her how I feel about my process and progress:

I’m taking the Skillcrush course but (after receiving an invoice) I revisited Treehouse as well. Turns out I’m working on 2 separate portfolios, one from each of those venues. Skillcrush gave me a resource to help me plan out the site’s content and structure. Treehouse will simply have me create a project. Treehouse is more about the process and steps. Skillcrush is more about gaining confidence by putting a few lines of code in a document and uploading it to the web for everyone to see. In Treehouse’s process the portfolio is responsive. The course is much longer but that’s OK. It is the first in a series directed at teaching me or anyone who’ll listen to be a web developer from the front end. I’m actually good with that. Skillcrush basically gives me the confidence with small projects of commonly used tags of sorts. It’s because of Skillcrush I’m really grasping the structure concept.

So, I used the worksheet to plan my portfolio. A line or two about myself, my ambition, and my skills. And a handful of examples I intend to present of my work go on that worksheet. When I finished the worksheet I took the time, after one of my sessions, in the effort to not get ahead, to practice. I actually code the structure of the entire document. Including the place holders, captions, and alt tags for the images to come. That was last week during the HTML portion of the blueprint.

This week I took a look at the CSS section. And while I did all the exercises and practiced with my projects I’m a little off. Then I return to my first portfolio project in Treehouse. Wow, to reinforce the CSS lessons I go right ahead and complete the tutorial.

Now that it’s complete I’ll go ahead and sub out the lorum ipsom for my own text. Their images for my own…and change the color scheme. Thanks to the worksheet I have a few properties I intend to include on the portfolio. They just aren’t ready yet.

But, I want to get my place on the web up and running. So, I decide out loud to simply get the code right–including the place holding images and the description or caption pages for six assets. Then…..drum roll please?…..I’ll comment them out to only show what IS ready to be seen.

Excited I tell you! Then I messed around and declared that as my intention for this week. To AJ. Yep! That is my intention for this week. I literally have until next Saturday afternoon to get this up and running. But you know what? I’m so close now that I will fix what I have and get it up on the web.

I’ve made a list of the images I need and will go back through to fix the navigation on the website. When I do that I’ll do a quick trouble shoot debug validation session then upload her to the web. Heck, I don’t necessarily have to send anyone to her right away. She just needs to be there. My little space in cyber space for professional developer me. I’ll share the link when it is up.

It’s Been A Long Time

It has been a while since I’ve posted.  Although I’ve written quite a bit about what’s been going on.  I finished and launched my own magazine.  It’s called Beautiful Natural Hair and it’s on the Apple Newsstand.  The magazine has been live for exactly one month and today I received the first of what I hope are many financial reports.  The app made a few dollars this first month out of the box.  I had a lot of downloads too.  So, now it’s time to actually market the mag in the hopes of increasing circulation.

Oh I guess I should say the magazine is a do it yourself resource for women in the process of returning their hair from a chemically altered state to its original state.  That state could be and for African American woman usually is some form of coil, curl, or kink.  It looks like this:


 I’m really excited about sharing my passion with the world.  I’m also excited to be a resource for other women on the journey I embarked almost 20 years ago.  It is so empowering to be comfortable in the skin and hair we’ve been gifted with.  There is so much more to come even.  As an interactive magazine it is filled with video demonstrations, reviews, and tutorials.  Additionally, BNH Mag gives voice to the many women literally figuring this natural thing our for themselves.  It is always empowering to see other women explore themselves.  It is equally empowering to recognize a part of ourselves in each one of them.

BNH Mag is a community and crowd sourced in a way that allows any and everyone with a technique, tip, or general advice a venue to share that information with the rest of us.  I look forward to hearing the stories of others and sharing some truths of my own.  Reach out to me.  I’m here and I certainly care.  I can be reached via email at and via twitter @bnhmag.

I’m restless

Literally it has been just over a week and I’m already restless. I can hardly believe it. It isn’t like I don’t deserve a six week break. It isn’t as if I have a ton of stuff that must be done right this minute. I can spare six weeks during the summer to get my head right, can’t I?

I’m feeling strangely disconnected from everything and everyone. Spending this last six months in school became so much a part of me that now I feel like something is missing. Worst, I feel like I should hurry and put something in the now empty space. I don’t want to but I feel like I should. Maybe. Instead I’m going to force myself to breathe by remembering all the things I used to do for myself but haven’t had the time to do. Like, exercise. I haven’t been to the gym or done any physical activity since I took the one afrofit class at church. That 20 minutes almost killed me, lol. And I’m in shape. I haven’t been to the Korean sauna in more than a year. I haven’t juiced for fitness in over a year either although I keep bringing home juice ingredients. Maybe. This is a six week thing I can pull together.

The review of my intention listed a stronger faith relationship with God! It included an increased level of fitness and the ever present desire to decrease my debt by 20% over the course of the year. Finally, I still want to launch and grow an online business. If all else fails I can always finish cleaning my house, lol….smh.

21 Days to a New Habit

They say it takes 21 days to develop or to change a habit. This last 20 days helped me understand some changes I intend to continue. I’m in the process of choosing another habit.  I’m going to use the next 21 days to incorporate it into my life. There are a lot of things I’d like to do but I know it is important to simply choose one thing to focus on. I’m torn between the habits of consciousness, discipline,  and gratitude. If I establish the habit of discipline first then it will be easier for me to incorporate all the other habits later. A consciousness cleanse will help me move closer to God’s purpose for my life. That is so important. Discipline will help me establish balance.

In this week’s message at church my Paster put the concept of boredom into context. Specifically, he explained that the calm we consider boredom is the stillness or ‘rest’ period God gives us between the storms. Wow. This concept isn’t really new to me. But it made me rethink what I currently have going on in my own life. If for only a moment. Am I doing the right thing? I prayed on this and asked God to grant me the ability to complete my degree.  A year ago I asked God to move me in the direction he’d have me to move, professionally. And he has increased me. I am grateful for it all. And I praise Him for his faithfulness. He keeps his promise. I’m working on being the one to always keep my promises.

Somehow I left out gratitude. Not sure how I left that one out. Unless I consider that part of consciousness. I ran across a book entitled the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge. The purpose of the book is to alleviate depression and loneliness by taking the time each day to be grateful to God for what we have. The author took it a step further and also wrote a daily thank you note to a different person which she then mailed. I’m curious. It is such a giving thing. At first I thought, well, I don’t know 21 people who I want to thank. Then I realized there are 41 people that report to me daily. And I’m grateful to them for showing up each day and putting their best foot forward to accomplish our mission. I have family members I appreciate. I have friends I haven’t seen or spoken to in a while that I am grateful for. Turns out I have plenty of people to thank along my journey. It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. It simply has to be sincere. I like that idea.